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Rank Name Raised
267th Carol Roberts Carol Roberts $620
268th Lexie Holliday Lexie Holliday $618
269th Melissa Bandy Melissa Bandy $614
270th Chad Westhouse Chad Westhouse $613
271st Jake Schramm Jake Schramm $612
272nd Abe Lumpe Abe Lumpe $611
273rd Julie Kelly Julie Kelly $611
274th Mike Ho Mike Ho $609
275th Scott Roeder Scott Roeder $609
276th Daniel Klear Daniel Klear $609
277th Ann Brunori Ann Brunori $606
278th Kelli Fourniquet Kelli Fourniquet $605
279th Kathy Engler Kathy Engler $602
280th Eric Himsel Eric Himsel $602
281st Brian Schoenmann Brian Schoenmann $601
282nd Dan Corria Dan Corria $600
283rd Kelsey Reely Kelsey Reely $600
284th Michael Walls Michael Walls $600
285th Catherine Colquhoun Catherine Colquhoun $600
286th Megan Gegesky Megan Gegesky $597