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Rank Name Raised
3763rd Wes Parker Wes Parker $72
80th Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman $1,270
N/A Naveen Polakala Naveen Polakala $0
N/A Eve Berrington Eve Berrington $0
1183rd Paul Wahrer Paul Wahrer $294
N/A Juan Caire Juan Caire $0
2174th Karl Althaus Karl Althaus $150
595th Paul Cary Paul Cary $518
4958th Brent Wood Brent Wood $36
N/A Adam Larousse Adam Larousse $0
N/A ADonta Lewis ADonta Lewis $0
N/A Akin Manzanares Akin Manzanares $0
3241st Alfonso Chip lau, Alfonso Chip lau, $98
453rd Allan Nash Allan Nash $581
N/A Amalio De Leon Amalio De Leon $0
N/A Amanda Torres Amanda Torres $0
664th Andre Varunok Andre Varunok $502
N/A Andrew Carrillo Andrew Carrillo $0
3022nd Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis $100
N/A Andy Lin Andy Lin $0