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Rank Name Raised
N/A Denise G.D.Solano Denise G.D.Solano $0
N/A Denise Greaud Denise Greaud $0
N/A Denise Hendrix Denise Hendrix $0
N/A Denise Ocampo Denise Ocampo $0
N/A Denise Rodriguez Denise Rodriguez $0
N/A Denise Saddler Denise Saddler $0
N/A Denise Trebour Delio Denise Trebour Delio $0
N/A Dennis Bruce Dennis Bruce $0
N/A Dennis Bryan Dennis Bryan $0
N/A Dennis Charles Dennis Charles $0
N/A Dennis Deans Dennis Deans $0
N/A Dennis J Lawson Sr Dennis J Lawson Sr 6years $0
N/A Dennis Rowlen Dennis Rowlen 4years $0
N/A Dennis Schlegel Dennis Schlegel $0
N/A Dennis Shepherd Dennis Shepherd $0
N/A Dennis Sprouse Dennis Sprouse 3years $0
N/A Denton Keith Murdock Denton Keith Murdock 2years $0
N/A Denver Jarvis Denver Jarvis $0
N/A Derealisse Ramos Cotto Derealisse Ramos Cotto $0