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Rank Name Raised
3294th Brittany Baumli Brittany Baumli $1,049
3295th Stephanie Bowes Stephanie Bowes $1,049
3296th Arby Davis Arby Davis 4years $1,048
3297th Dave Ehnle Dave Ehnle 2years $1,048
3298th Jennifer Goble Jennifer Goble 3years $1,048
3299th Laura Davis Smith Laura Davis Smith $1,048
3300th Warren Calvo Warren Calvo $1,048
3301st Michelle Murray Michelle Murray $1,048
3302nd Walter Polleiner Walter Polleiner $1,048
3303rd Sarah Pruitt Sarah Pruitt 2years $1,048
3304th Alexis Mercedes Alexis Mercedes 2years $1,048
3305th Christopher Rosario Christopher Rosario 6years $1,047
3306th Patti Brown Patti Brown 4years $1,047
3307th Benjamin Jones Benjamin Jones 5years $1,047
3308th Jane Dargatz Jane Dargatz 3years $1,046
3309th Jean-Claude Davidson Jean-Claude Davidson 2years $1,046
3310th Love Isa Verb Love Isa Verb 4years $1,046
3311th Kenneth Mitchell Kenneth Mitchell 2years $1,046
3312th Marcela Benavides Marcela Benavides 2years $1,046
3313th Michael Durbin Michael Durbin $1,045