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Rank Name Raised
3339th Dale Johnson Dale Johnson 2years $104
3339th Dan DiFrancesco Dan DiFrancesco 2years $104
3339th Dana Payinda Dana Payinda $104
3339th Daniel Nunez Daniel Nunez $104
3339th Daniel Parker Daniel Parker $104
3339th Daniel Parmelee Daniel Parmelee 6years $104
8017th Danielle Rousseau Danielle Rousseau 3years $104
3339th Danny Castagna Danny Castagna 5years $104
3339th Darby Hanson Darby Hanson $104
3339th Darlene Brady Darlene Brady 2years $104
3339th Dave Fralick Dave Fralick $104
3339th Dave Johnsen Dave Johnsen 6years $104
3339th Dave Zuleger Dave Zuleger 2years $104
3339th David Alari David Alari 5years $104
3339th David Heffner David Heffner 2years $104
3339th David Krause David Krause $104
3339th David Krill David Krill $104
3339th David Miller David Miller 2years $104
3339th David Piggott David Piggott 4years $104
3339th David Rohe David Rohe 7years $104