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Rank Name Raised
349th Clayton Saxour Clayton Saxour 2years $775
350th Viet Nguyen Viet Nguyen $774
351st Kris Martin Kris Martin 3years $772
352nd Dennis Schafer Dennis Schafer 3years $771
353rd David Kolonauski David Kolonauski $771
354th Matthew Kelly Matthew Kelly 2years $769
355th Scott Farrisee Scott Farrisee 3years $767
356th Jim Haisler Jim Haisler 7years $765
357th Sheila Amaral Sheila Amaral 5years $762
358th Margaret Carroll Margaret Carroll 4years $761
359th PJ Romanos PJ Romanos 5years $758
360th Denise Hay Denise Hay 5years $758
361st Danielle Bishop Danielle Bishop 2years $754
362nd Andrew Ede Andrew Ede 2years $753
363rd Tom Morrisey Tom Morrisey 4years $751
364th Deborah Wharff Deborah Wharff 4years $749
365th RACHEL Stollman RACHEL Stollman $747
366th John Norman John Norman 6years $746
367th Donald Girouard Donald Girouard $745
368th Charlie Hartsock Charlie Hartsock 4years $745