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Rank Name Raised
N/A David Zimmer David Zimmer 2years $0
N/A Dawn Armstrong Dawn Armstrong $0
N/A Dawn Burma Dawn Burma $0
N/A Dawn Hammer Dawn Hammer 2years $0
N/A Dawn Moyer Dawn Moyer 4years $0
N/A Dawn nickens Dawn nickens $0
N/A Dawn Panozzo Dawn Panozzo 2years $0
N/A Dawn Sloans Dawn Sloans $0
N/A Dawn Stiffler Dawn Stiffler 5years $0
N/A Dayana Rodas Dayana Rodas $0
N/A Dayna Alexander Dayna Alexander $0
N/A De Anna Martinez De Anna Martinez $0
N/A Dean Bacon Dean Bacon $0
N/A Dean Maple Dean Maple 2years $0
N/A Dean Oliver Dean Oliver $0
N/A Dean Peterson Dean Peterson $0
N/A Dean Schneckenburger Dean Schneckenburger $0
N/A Deana Nguyen Deana Nguyen 2years $0
N/A Deana Olivo Deana Olivo $0
N/A Deanna Mott Deanna Mott 2years $0