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Rank Name Raised
893rd Nicole Bywater Nicole Bywater $100
893rd Nicole Leontsinis Nicole Leontsinis $100
893rd Nicole Morsch Nicole Morsch $100
893rd Oscar Perez Oscar Perez $100
893rd Patricia Wetzel Patricia Wetzel $100
893rd Pepper McFarland Pepper McFarland $100
893rd Phil Bandy Phil Bandy $100
893rd Philip Bone Philip Bone $100
893rd Poorna Raj Poorna Raj $100
893rd Radi Garov Radi Garov $100
893rd Randy Weikel Randy Weikel $100
893rd Renee Hansen Renee Hansen $100
893rd Richard ( Jim) Smith Richard ( Jim) Smith $100
893rd Richie Fogle Richie Fogle $100
893rd Rob Ince Rob Ince $100
893rd Robbie Bellew Robbie Bellew $100
893rd robert kREBS robert kREBS $100
893rd Robert Paradis Robert Paradis $100
893rd Roger Pugh Roger Pugh $100
893rd Russell Floreske Russell Floreske $100