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Rank Name Raised
N/A Hannah Smith Hannah Smith $0
N/A Hassan Cheikh Hassan Cheikh $606
N/A Hector Pacheco Hector Pacheco $0
N/A Hilda Galvez Hilda Galvez $0
N/A Hussien Abdulwahhab Hussien Abdulwahhab $0
N/A Inna Burdeyna Inna Burdeyna $0
N/A Ira Smith Ira Smith $0
N/A Iris Avellan Iris Avellan $0
N/A Jack Calle Jack Calle $0
N/A Jaclyn Maureen Jaclyn Maureen $0
N/A Jacob Gilmore Jacob Gilmore $0
N/A Jaiden Swift Jaiden Swift $0
N/A James Smith James Smith $701
N/A Jamie Perna Jamie Perna $31
N/A Jane Bresko Jane Bresko $0
N/A janet herman janet herman $2,253
N/A Januar Young Januar Young $0
N/A Jared DeProspero Jared DeProspero $513
N/A Jayme Merriman Jayme Merriman $0
N/A Jeffrey Jamroz Jeffrey Jamroz $0