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Rank Name Raised
135th Kirk Clague Kirk Clague $4,712
136th John MacDonald John MacDonald $4,710
137th Karen Martens Karen Martens $4,693
138th Stephen Evans Stephen Evans $4,660
139th Matthew Raja Matthew Raja $4,654
140th Varnit Grewal Varnit Grewal $4,650
141st Colby Ingram Colby Ingram $4,629
142nd Joan Rinaldi Joan Rinaldi $4,610
143rd Tara Ortiz Tara Ortiz $4,599
144th James Simmons James Simmons $4,579
145th Les Sacani Les Sacani $4,568
146th Linda Rickabaugh Linda Rickabaugh $4,563
147th Jean McInerney Jean McInerney $4,557
148th Melinda Knotts Melinda Knotts $4,540
149th Eduardo Macias Eduardo Macias $4,526
150th Jason Hurwitz Jason Hurwitz $4,510
151st Maheni Thomas Maheni Thomas $4,509
152nd Tom Lorino Tom Lorino $4,509
153rd Christopher Ryan Christopher Ryan $4,507
154th Ted Muench Ted Muench $4,500