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Rank Name Raised
4122nd Logan Young Logan Young $877
315th Clay Smalley Clay Smalley 2years $3,897
1848th Karen Snyder Karen Snyder 4years $1,530
9182nd Ray Porreca Ray Porreca $500
1581st David Stahl David Stahl 2years $1,682
9217th Mai Infante Mai Infante 2years $500
4884th Gina Beard Gina Beard $765
12758th Lonnie Peterson Lonnie Peterson $169
5647th Erin Brown Erin Brown 3years $683
3678th Ashley Smith Ashley Smith 2years $1,002
7612th Jami Gonzalez Jami Gonzalez 2years $542
4495th Tyson Richard Tyson Richard 2years $818
15939th Bob Russell Bob Russell 2years $52
4129th Andrew Zappo Andrew Zappo 2years $875
8920th Mike Walker Mike Walker 2years $502
14901st John Southworth John Southworth 4years $88
4906th jeff lockhart jeff lockhart $761
6629th Jessica Bratsch Jessica Bratsch 2years $602
1023rd Paula Smith Paula Smith 5years $2,358
11478th Stephanie Ohmer Stephanie Ohmer 2years $253