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Rank Name Raised
8129th Dustin Reynolds Dustin Reynolds $555
166th Leroi Louis Leroi Louis $4,628
329th Kelly Martin Kelly Martin 7years $3,401
5908th Colleen Love Epstein Colleen Love Epstein $601
51st Michael Balinskas Michael Balinskas 5years $7,723
N/A Jeremy Smith Jeremy Smith $0
143rd Larry Albright Larry Albright $4,905
17326th Michael Mendoza Michael Mendoza 2years $33
13521st Jose E. Contreras Jose E. Contreras $110
5420th John Fleck John Fleck 5years $640
11225th Richard Stockton Richard Stockton 7years $225
N/A Johann Marin Johann Marin 2years $0
4943rd Scot Holmberg Scot Holmberg 3years $685
N/A Jacob Heaven Jacob Heaven $0
173rd Jody Brickman Jody Brickman 3years $4,555
N/A Josue Medina Josue Medina $0
2157th Beth Sewell Beth Sewell 2years $1,230
9844th Chris Lighthipe Chris Lighthipe 2years $324
N/A Gala Galsan Gala Galsan $0
3491st Wendy White Wendy White 2years $892