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Rank Name Raised
2337th Julie Friend Julie Friend 3years $26
N/A Shannon Fogarty Shannon Fogarty 7years $0
N/A Andrea Caruso Andrea Caruso 2years $0
152nd David Kouris David Kouris 4years $538
614th Jon DuPonte Jon DuPonte 3years $160
336th Matt Cromie Matt Cromie 5years $307
13th Mauricio Ramirez Mauricio Ramirez 3years $1,940
N/A Todd Naughton Todd Naughton 6years $0
N/A Nick Magill Nick Magill $0
923rd Denny Piatt Denny Piatt 3years $104
N/A Loann Hoang Loann Hoang 3years $0
99th Allen Nguyen Allen Nguyen 2years $703
1741st Chris Haave Chris Haave 4years $50
N/A Richard Bonnette Richard Bonnette 6years $0
N/A Armando Rodriguez Armando Rodriguez 6years $0
N/A Bob Potter Bob Potter 3years $0
N/A Kathleen Washington Kathleen Washington 7years $0
N/A Lee Crow Lee Crow 6years $0
1225th Marco Garcia Marco Garcia 2years $80
N/A Quentin Ward Quentin Ward 5years $0