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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andrew Bloise Andrew Bloise $0
N/A Andrew Ternes Andrew Ternes $0
N/A Angela Martinez Angela Martinez $0
N/A Anton Loma Anton Loma $0
N/A Ashley Dyck Ashley Dyck $0
N/A Barbara Breedlove Barbara Breedlove $0
N/A Barbara Wood Barbara Wood $0
N/A Becky Senn Becky Senn $0
N/A Ben MCcormick Ben MCcormick $0
N/A Brant Beaver Brant Beaver $0
N/A Brett J. Long Brett J. Long $0
N/A Brian Kirk Brian Kirk $0
N/A Brian Varney Brian Varney $0
N/A brianna adams brianna adams $0
N/A Burak Eker Burak Eker $0
N/A Calli Thurlow Calli Thurlow $0
N/A Calvin Sutton Calvin Sutton $0
N/A Carolyn Hanover Carolyn Hanover $0
N/A Chris Williams Chris Williams $0
N/A Colleen Artz Colleen Artz $0