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Rank Name Raised
870th Mikayla Faasse Mikayla Faasse $2,318
871st Michael Henning Michael Henning $2,318
872nd Natalie Rodriguez Natalie Rodriguez $2,318
873rd Brandon Murio Brandon Murio $2,317
874th Cassie Smithco Cassie Smithco $2,315
875th Ann Lindberg Ann Lindberg $2,312
876th Dan Corria Dan Corria $2,312
877th Prethi Gurumurthy Prethi Gurumurthy $2,310
878th Doug Fah Doug Fah $2,307
879th Mario Nova Mario Nova $2,306
880th Steven Wheeler Steven Wheeler $2,302
881st Emma Harrison Emma Harrison $2,301
882nd David Orduno David Orduno $2,301
883rd Michelle Griggs Michelle Griggs $2,299
884th Hasan Qureshi Hasan Qureshi $2,297
885th Barrie McDaniel Barrie McDaniel $2,297
886th John Mendesh John Mendesh $2,295
887th Sid Wax Sid Wax $2,292
888th Keaton Campbell Keaton Campbell $2,292
889th Greg Davis Greg Davis $2,285