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Rank Name Raised
N/A Mary Girouard Mary Girouard $0
N/A Mary Kincannon Mary Kincannon $0
N/A Mary Lisa Mary Lisa $0
N/A Mary Lombardo Mary Lombardo $0
N/A Mary Mikula Mary Mikula $0
417th Mary Paskett Mary Paskett $35
256th Mary Taragowski-Foy Mary Taragowski-Foy $75
N/A MaryAnn Dion MaryAnn Dion $0
308th MaryElla Jones MaryElla Jones $52
N/A Mashell Aponi Mashell Aponi $0
N/A Mathew Shulman Mathew Shulman $0
N/A Matt Cajigal Matt Cajigal $0
336th Matt Cromie Matt Cromie $50
N/A Matt Finch Matt Finch $0
N/A Matt Hooper Matt Hooper $0
162nd Matt Rassette Matt Rassette $124
N/A Matthew Dodd Matthew Dodd $0
N/A Matthew Fletcher Matthew Fletcher $0
50th Matthew Gabay Matthew Gabay $422
N/A Matthew Mosher Matthew Mosher $0