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Rank Name Raised
264th Engling Yeo Engling Yeo 2years $4,139
265th Priti Rastogi Priti Rastogi 2years $4,130
266th Monica Hull Monica Hull 3years $4,128
267th Michael Wilder Michael Wilder 7years $4,126
268th Stan Norman Stan Norman 7years $4,112
269th Nancy Reed Nancy Reed 4years $4,112
270th Scott Posey Scott Posey 4years $4,107
271st Richard Tadlock Richard Tadlock 6years $4,105
272nd Carole Kunze Carole Kunze 4years $4,100
273rd Elizabeth Bergman Elizabeth Bergman 2years $4,085
274th Raymond Martin Raymond Martin 2years $55
274th Szymon Glodzik Szymon Glodzik 4years $4,082
275th Matt Lyon Matt Lyon 3years $4,076
276th Carson Krook Carson Krook 4years $4,072
277th MaryElla Jones MaryElla Jones 5years $4,069
278th Wallace Jones Wallace Jones 4years $4,068
279th Karen Votta Karen Votta 2years $4,058
280th Darren Hildenbrand Darren Hildenbrand 4years $4,053
281st Greg Connor Greg Connor $3,596
281st Kassandra Elbert Kassandra Elbert 4years $4,052