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Rank Name Raised
134th Matthew Cook Matthew Cook 3years $5,360
135th Shane Mondry Shane Mondry $5,342
136th Grant Lonergan Grant Lonergan $5,303
137th Alex Bocchi Alex Bocchi $5,275
138th Levi Conlow Levi Conlow $5,258
139th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 4years $5,243
140th Rolando Ray Rolando Ray 4years $5,180
141st Clay Smalley Clay Smalley 3years $5,174
142nd Gerald Russell Gerald Russell 3years $5,169
143rd Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry 5years $5,158
144th Michael Donovan Michael Donovan 5years $5,155
145th Eduardo Narvaez Eduardo Narvaez 3years $1,060
145th Joni Sommerville Joni Sommerville 6years $5,149
146th Michele Kelley Michele Kelley $5,124
146th Patrick O'Hagerty Patrick O'Hagerty 2years $832
147th Jason Hurwitz Jason Hurwitz 3years $5,104
148th Louis Tanenbaum Louis Tanenbaum 4years $5,093
149th Eric Freeburg Eric Freeburg 4years $5,089
150th Karl Sorocco Karl Sorocco 3years $621
150th Priti Rastogi Priti Rastogi 3years $5,084