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Rank Name Raised
3219th Christopher Emery Christopher Emery 3years $124
3219th Chuck Bella Chuck Bella 2years $124
3219th Craig Evans Craig Evans 3years $124
3219th Dan Dalton Dan Dalton $124
3219th Daniel Minick Daniel Minick $124
3219th Darin Burton Darin Burton 2years $124
3219th Darren Thurgood Darren Thurgood $124
3219th David Adae David Adae 6years $124
3219th David Cowett David Cowett 4years $124
3219th David Hays David Hays 2years $124
3219th David Kneeland David Kneeland $124
3219th Deb Brown Deb Brown 2years $124
3219th Debbie Davis Debbie Davis 3years $124
3219th Debbie Poindexter Debbie Poindexter 5years $124
3219th Deborah Canfield Deborah Canfield 5years $124
3219th Deborah Morgan-Alam Deborah Morgan-Alam 4years $124
3219th Deborah Smith Deborah Smith 7years $124
3219th Debra Vlietstra Debra Vlietstra 3years $124
3219th Diane Smith Diane Smith 4years $124