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Rank Name Raised
3158th Lucius Xuan Lucius Xuan 3years $124
3158th Luis Rojas Luis Rojas $124
3158th Lynn Harper Lynn Harper $124
3158th Lynne Oliver Lynne Oliver $124
3158th Lynskey Ti Ryder Lynskey Ti Ryder $124
3158th Mackay Cate Mackay Cate $124
3158th Malea Radermacher Malea Radermacher 2years $124
3158th Marcey Kelley Marcey Kelley $124
3158th Maria (Angie) Marte Maria (Angie) Marte $124
3158th Marie Hancock-Garrett Marie Hancock-Garrett 2years $124
3158th Mario Bruno Mario Bruno 4years $124
3158th Mario Lucchesi Mario Lucchesi 3years $124
3158th Mark Brodoway Mark Brodoway 6years $124
3158th Mark Klim Mark Klim 4years $124
3158th Marlene Cantu Marlene Cantu 2years $124
3158th Mary Sund Mary Sund 6years $124
3158th Matt Cederquist Matt Cederquist 4years $124
3158th Matthew Moore Matthew Moore $124
3158th Michael Balinskas Michael Balinskas 5years $124
3158th Michael Brown Michael Brown $124