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Rank Name Raised
2075th Giovanny Bueno Giovanny Bueno 2years $1,404
N/A Danielle Crittenden Danielle Crittenden 2years $0
10872nd Fred Lozano Fred Lozano 2years $300
N/A Omar Olvera Omar Olvera 2years $0
N/A Carla Douglas Carla Douglas 2years $0
1920th Patrick McCue Patrick McCue 2years $1,500
10462nd Shannan Garcia Shannan Garcia $336
N/A Jackie Powers Jackie Powers $0
2528th Kristin Burke Kristin Burke 2years $1,224
378th Jack Partridge Jack Partridge 3years $3,552
2214th Nate Callens Nate Callens 2years $1,341
N/A Kevin Cardenas Kevin Cardenas 2years $0
9024th Alex Pagliai Alex Pagliai $501
N/A Codi Mullen Codi Mullen 2years $0
12076th Mark Claycomb Mark Claycomb $207
1735th Chan Bliss Chan Bliss 7years $1,580
2217th Brian R. Cook Brian R. Cook 6years $1,340
2243rd Karen Snyder Karen Snyder 4years $1,330
3829th brad medellin brad medellin 3years $950
N/A Bill Lechner Bill Lechner 2years $0