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Rank Name Raised
N/A Chimene Halfmann Chimene Halfmann 3years $0
10939th Dan Meredith Dan Meredith $239
N/A Fredric Itkin Fredric Itkin 3years $0
6101st Kenny Mullican Kenny Mullican $580
N/A Michael Alfaro Michael Alfaro $0
16020th RosaAna Gonzalez RosaAna Gonzalez 3years $2,351
3386th Gene Sanders Gene Sanders 2years $900
1972nd Keith Kaplan Keith Kaplan 2years $1,007
1378th Mayhieli Cortez Mayhieli Cortez 4years $1,611
7069th Robert Daunch Robert Daunch 2years $519
12716th Alan Lo Alan Lo $140
383rd Craig Stresemann Craig Stresemann 3years $3,159
7184th Mevleta Pehratovic Mevleta Pehratovic $515
5960th Angie Gurung Angie Gurung 3years $590
14399th Terrance Baumgart Terrance Baumgart 5years $84
9897th Marlon Carey Marlon Carey 3years $311
3718th Susanna Hofstra Susanna Hofstra 2years $836
N/A Stan Meyer Stan Meyer $0
7416th Renny Barnes Renny Barnes $507
N/A Sean Cummings Sean Cummings 2years $0