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Rank Name Raised
2931st Christopher Sachse Christopher Sachse $1,058
N/A Diogo Rocha Diogo Rocha 3years $0
3029th Thomas Atkinson Thomas Atkinson $1,040
10779th Terry Williams Terry Williams 4years $274
3751st Ryan Cotta Ryan Cotta 3years $886
9209th Janet Cope Janet Cope 2years $417
12254th Jerry Cook Jerry Cook 2years $589
N/A Ralph Pazo-Torres Ralph Pazo-Torres 2years $0
4725th Lori White Lori White 4years $739
12566th Dustin Snodgress Dustin Snodgress 2years $163
161st Stacy Klone Stacy Klone 4years $4,923
2939th David Dobbs David Dobbs 6years $1,056
14581st Paul Huszar Paul Huszar $88
6945th David Bricker David Bricker $553
4417th Michael Reimers Michael Reimers 2years $781
9785th John Sowerby John Sowerby 2years $357
2080th Chris McIntyre Chris McIntyre 2years $854
3729th Wendy White Wendy White 2years $892
6859th Jana Reed Jana Reed $558
N/A Richard Rosebrock Richard Rosebrock 2years $0