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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alberto Duran Alberto Duran $0
140th Larry Albright Larry Albright $4,905
14103rd Chuck Lopez Chuck Lopez $98
6347th Patrick Duggan Patrick Duggan $564
N/A diego alvarez diego alvarez 5years $0
4584th Margie DeCaro Margie DeCaro 3years $717
4941st William McKinley William McKinley 2years $680
5419th Cynthia Ivie Cynthia Ivie $508
1639th Juany Leal Juany Leal 3years $1,448
88th David Hausner David Hausner 5years $5,878
6245th Geoffrey Richcreek Geoffrey Richcreek 2years $571
4454th Haus Taylor Haus Taylor $734
8754th Felix Baez Felix Baez 2years $417
1044th Michael Lexier Michael Lexier $1,946
6897th Alan Pearlman Alan Pearlman 2years $530
3691st Angel Castrillo Angel Castrillo 6years $843
6023rd Deanne Boyd Deanne Boyd $141
1111th Lynda parker Lynda parker 4years $1,853
N/A Jeremy Smith Jeremy Smith $0
1188th Don Farage Don Farage $555