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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alessandra Alves Alessandra Alves $0
21531st Joseph Edwards Joseph Edwards $36
N/A Anthony Osborn Anthony Osborn $0
14984th Dzung Dang Dzung Dang $197
1952nd Terry Cooper Terry Cooper $1,405
N/A Michelle Miller-Simons Michelle Miller-Simons $0
1786th Matthew Harrod Matthew Harrod $1,501
19802nd Jonathon Thibodeaux Jonathon Thibodeaux $62
1053rd Jon Vinge Jon Vinge $2,060
5434th Sharon Jones-Scaife Sharon Jones-Scaife $754
19281st Dietrick Brockett Dietrick Brockett $524
7449th Dale Johnson Dale Johnson $609
17158th Ray Anderson Ray Anderson $120
349th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause $3,307
12157th Keith Kingsolver Keith Kingsolver $359
10884th Carl Hancock Carl Hancock $500
11245th William Numerick William Numerick $463
102nd Griffin Van Nest Griffin Van Nest $5,262
1534th Candace Monzingo Candace Monzingo $1,624
4090th Bob DeCamp Bob DeCamp $934