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Rank Name Raised
N/A Richard Johnson Richard Johnson $0
N/A Steve Martinez Steve Martinez $0
N/A Thom Baughman Thom Baughman $0
42nd Jeff Mulder Jeff Mulder $486.45
N/A Andrew Parker Andrew Parker $0
285th Bill Lundy Bill Lundy $51.75
N/A Diego Lopez Diego Lopez $0
N/A Dirk Cushing Dirk Cushing $0
N/A Garrett Bailey Garrett Bailey $0
76th Kathryn Crook Kathryn Crook $274.28
N/A Patrick Smith Patrick Smith $0
N/A Robert Ashby Robert Ashby $0
37th Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein $500
470th Susan Mccullough Susan Mccullough $20
246th VanillaFudge Thunder VanillaFudge Thunder $71.58
199th Linda Ryan Linda Ryan $100
117th Wpaul Cupp Wpaul Cupp $191.48
N/A Aaron Mason Aaron Mason $0
N/A Adrian Majewski Adrian Majewski $0
445th Amanda Abbott Amanda Abbott $25