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Rank Name Raised
852nd Mary Calabrese Mary Calabrese $2,357
853rd Charles Gehrdes Charles Gehrdes $2,355
853rd Gidget Beck Gidget Beck $93
854th Leslie Cruz Leslie Cruz $2,353
855th Keith Smith Keith Smith $2,350
856th Tony Clark Tony Clark $2,349
857th Jim Hearn Jim Hearn $2,349
858th David Laurent David Laurent $2,349
859th Logan Spector Logan Spector $2,349
860th Steiv Boyd Steiv Boyd $2,342
861st Heidi Smith Heidi Smith $2,340
862nd Ron Perez Ron Perez $2,340
863rd Emily Sigler Emily Sigler $2,338
864th Riki Tagliapietra Riki Tagliapietra $2,335
865th Stephen Schnupp Stephen Schnupp $2,330
866th Carole Goeckel Carole Goeckel $2,325
867th Emily Lane Emily Lane $2,324
868th Clark Steiner Clark Steiner $2,322
869th Christopher Weber Christopher Weber $2,226
869th Jerry Thielen Jerry Thielen $2,322