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Rank Name Raised
881st Linda Hovious Linda Hovious 3years $72
881st Lucy Lepola Lucy Lepola 5years $72
881st Lyric Hermanson Lyric Hermanson 2years $72
881st Manny Bedi Manny Bedi 6years $72
881st Patrick Cain Patrick Cain $72
881st Pete Wingier Pete Wingier 2years $72
881st Robert Buckley Robert Buckley 2years $72
881st Stephanie Bowes Stephanie Bowes $72
881st Sula Meyer Sula Meyer $72
881st Thomas Zumalt Thomas Zumalt $72
881st Tina Johnson Tina Johnson 6years $72
881st Verb Washington Verb Washington 7years $72
895th David Evans David Evans $55
N/A Reliance Lords Reliance Lords $0
N/A Michael Bettoni Michael Bettoni $0
N/A Ritchie Lopez Ritchie Lopez $0
914th Chris Haave Chris Haave 3years $72
914th Julie Friend Julie Friend 2years $72
916th Dan Kindel Dan Kindel 2years $71
916th Jon Merrell Jon Merrell $71