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Rank Name Raised
950th Suzanne Hansen Suzanne Hansen $2,203
951st Kyle Norris Kyle Norris $2,202
952nd Cynthia Lofthus Cynthia Lofthus $2,202
953rd Suzanne Butrico Suzanne Butrico $2,201
954th Pamela Olsen Pamela Olsen $2,201
955th Julie Kelly Julie Kelly $2,200
956th Jack VanZanten Jack VanZanten $2,195
957th Kevin Connell Kevin Connell $2,190
958th Michael Harrison Michael Harrison $2,190
959th Pauline O'Keeffe Pauline O'Keeffe $2,189
960th Logan Missner Logan Missner $2,188
961st Gregarious Narain Gregarious Narain $2,185
962nd Eric Sickenberger Eric Sickenberger $2,183
963rd Ron McGill Ron McGill $2,181
964th Jodi Blubaugh Jodi Blubaugh $2,180
965th Travis Webbe Travis Webbe $2,179
966th Ryan Rescober Ryan Rescober $2,179
967th Martin Ramsden Martin Ramsden $2,179
968th Rob Ridgway Rob Ridgway $2,178
969th Denis Furness Denis Furness $2,176