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Rank Name Raised
1009th Ted Miller Ted Miller $2,105
1010th Andrew Gettle Andrew Gettle $2,104
1011th Larry Ephriam Larry Ephriam $2,103
1012th Matthew Oden Sr. Matthew Oden Sr. $2,103
1013th Barry Miller Barry Miller $2,102
1014th Chris Nami Chris Nami $2,099
1015th Jorge Molina Jorge Molina $2,099
1016th Nadia Big Nadia Big $2,092
1017th Joanne Kenney Joanne Kenney $2,089
1018th Darrel Conway Darrel Conway $2,087
1019th Seth Krupp Seth Krupp $2,085
1020th Charlie Hartsock Charlie Hartsock $2,084
1021st Darius Butler Darius Butler $2,082
1022nd Joe Tomasik Joe Tomasik $2,082
1023rd Diane Osborne Diane Osborne $2,081
1024th Kymmer Crookston Kymmer Crookston $2,081
1025th Jana Laughlin Jana Laughlin $2,081
1026th Loring Ross Loring Ross $2,080
1027th Monica Matyjaskiewicz Gould Monica Matyjaskiewicz Gould $2,080
1028th Bob Gowin Bob Gowin $2,080