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Rank Name Raised
N/A Obed Bustamante Obed Bustamante $0
N/A Paola Castillo Paola Castillo $0
N/A Paul Hughes Paul Hughes $0
N/A Richard Eichberger Richard Eichberger $0
3995th Richard Elliott Richard Elliott $954
N/A Shawn Owens Shawn Owens $0
N/A Stephen Fuquay Stephen Fuquay $0
N/A Team WU NJ Team WU NJ $0
19797th Kirk Galley Kirk Galley $62
N/A Michael Kinney Michael Kinney $0
17991st Luther Fresn Luther Fresn $102
1836th Rian Mintek Rian Mintek $1,467
144th James Simmons James Simmons $4,579
540th Adir Sharon Adir Sharon $2,822
2609th James Sampson James Sampson $1,195
N/A Owen Bittner Owen Bittner $0
1355th Brian  Phelps Brian Phelps $1,751
N/A Caleb Sprayberry Caleb Sprayberry $0
16438th Charles Ragsdale Charles Ragsdale $142
21701st Colton Applewhite Colton Applewhite $36