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Rank Name Raised
N/A Kelly Betts Kelly Betts $216
N/A Kelly Fletcher Kelly Fletcher $105
N/A Kelly Wehman Kelly Wehman $0
N/A Kevin Paul Deteau Kevin Paul Deteau $70
N/A Khalilah & Jamal Jr & Joshua Selby & Braswell Khalilah & Jamal Jr & Joshua Selby & Braswell $0
N/A Kristi Haynes Kristi Haynes $0
N/A Kristin Moto Kristin Moto $678
N/A Kristina Schlueter Kristina Schlueter $36
N/A Kristy Wiggins Kristy Wiggins $214
N/A Kyle Faba Kyle Faba $0
N/A Lacy Burr Lacy Burr $0
N/A Laela Farouk Hoffman Laela Farouk Hoffman $593
N/A Lauren Hayek Lauren Hayek $0
N/A Lauren Spengler Lauren Spengler $0
N/A Laurie Boots Laurie Boots $0
N/A Lemuel Hidalgo Lemuel Hidalgo $0
N/A Letitia Bahten Letitia Bahten $0
N/A Lijo John Lijo John $0
N/A Lori Bradley Lori Bradley $0
N/A Lori Ezzio Lori Ezzio $149