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Rank Name Raised
223rd Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman 5years $4,472
N/A Bobby Miller Bobby Miller 4years $0
11834th Dan Dalquist Dan Dalquist $226
798th Tim Moran Tim Moran $2,652
8744th Kelly Leavitt Kelly Leavitt 2years $504
13090th Nicholas Davino Nicholas Davino $153
13652nd Diego Patricio Coronel Villacis Diego Patricio Coronel Villacis $124
10562nd Peter Ziolkowski Peter Ziolkowski $327
4359th Scott Beaudreault Scott Beaudreault $835
8283rd Ilya Viner Ilya Viner 2years $513
11245th Theodore Martin Theodore Martin $268
3644th Ken DeLong Ken DeLong 5years $1,003
7901st William Wheeler William Wheeler 4years $528
N/A Jason Biel Jason Biel $0
N/A Johan Oivier Johan Oivier 3years $0
N/A Kurt Franke Kurt Franke 3years $0
6105th Vicki Taylor Vicki Taylor $639
8572nd Ray Vega Ray Vega 2years $507
10249th Robert Huiest Robert Huiest $358
6210th Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero 2years $630