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Rank Name Raised
6864th Joely Alicea Joely Alicea $501
6866th Angie Brown Angie Brown 3years $501
6867th David Richey David Richey $501
6867th Jayme Weber Jayme Weber $501
6869th Terry Grafton Terry Grafton $501
6870th Bill Majhenich Bill Majhenich $501
6870th Clinton Block Clinton Block 3years $501
6870th Dain Slatton Dain Slatton $501
6873rd Neal Winters Neal Winters 2years $501
6874th Joseph McCullough Joseph McCullough 7years $501
6874th William McKinley William McKinley 3years $501
6876th Janice Lovett Janice Lovett 2years $501
6876th Jeff Wiley Jeff Wiley 4years $501
6878th Michael Gordon Michael Gordon 3years $501
6878th Michael Pastva Michael Pastva 3years $501
6878th Paula Smith Paula Smith $501
6881st Robert Blackwell Robert Blackwell 4years $501
6882nd DJ Bryant DJ Bryant 4years $501
6882nd MaraLee Landrum MaraLee Landrum 2years $501
6882nd Mikayla Arett Mikayla Arett 2years $501