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Rank Name Raised
7070th Anthony Lewis Anthony Lewis 7years $481
7071st Shawn Bartels Shawn Bartels 3years $481
7072nd Stephen Strader Stephen Strader 4years $481
7073rd Jonathan Mensch Jonathan Mensch 7years $481
7074th Joe Talentino Joe Talentino 6years $480
7075th Amanda Stoner Amanda Stoner 2years $480
7076th Chris Cox Chris Cox 3years $479
7077th Kenny Brown Kenny Brown 3years $479
7078th Susan Gross Shiver Susan Gross Shiver 3years $479
7079th Lindsey Marshall Roth Lindsey Marshall Roth 3years $478
7080th Michelle Grabiel Michelle Grabiel $478
7081st Amy DeWidt Amy DeWidt 3years $478
7082nd Andrew Rable Andrew Rable 3years $477
7083rd Toni Skilling Toni Skilling 3years $477
7084th James Tomlinson James Tomlinson $476
7085th Dennis Premo Dennis Premo 4years $476
7085th Kenneth Godwin Kenneth Godwin 4years $476
7087th Liegha Trahan Liegha Trahan 4years $476
7088th Terry Carr Terry Carr 4years $476
7089th Bryan Brown Bryan Brown 4years $475