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Rank Name Raised
7023rd Joy Cook Joy Cook 6years $575
7024th Denise Mathey Denise Mathey $575
7025th Byron Smith Byron Smith 3years $575
7026th Damon Battle Sr. Damon Battle Sr. $575
7027th Victor Morfin Victor Morfin 6years $575
7028th David Long David Long $575
7028th Joli Martini Joli Martini $575
7028th Rose Eilts Rose Eilts $575
7031st Melissa Landers Melissa Landers $575
7032nd Amy Anderson Amy Anderson $575
3527th Cathy Zacharias Cathy Zacharias 6years $575
5317th Angela Pauleth Montero Angela Pauleth Montero $575
7033rd Kimberly Kaighn Kimberly Kaighn 4years $575
7034th Sarah Schrell Sarah Schrell $575
7035th Saunja Morgan Saunja Morgan $575
7036th Michael Easterly Michael Easterly 4years $575
7037th Kara Kelly Kara Kelly 3years $575
7038th Monica Pena Monica Pena $574
7039th Rebecca Minor Rebecca Minor 2years $574
7040th Carmen Canino Carmen Canino 2years $574