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Rank Name Raised
N/A Cathy Hamilton Cathy Hamilton 2years $0
13842nd Cathy Marcoux Cathy Marcoux 2years $122
1720th Ce Faulkner Ce Faulkner 4years $1,602
7173rd Cecilia Gonz├ález Cecilia Gonzàlez 2years $568
N/A Cecilio Ramirez Cecilio Ramirez $0
N/A Cesar Garcia Cesar Garcia $0
N/A Chace Brehe Chace Brehe $0
N/A Chad Bradshaw Chad Bradshaw $0
708th Chad Dollar Chad Dollar 6years $2,776
N/A Chad Fussy Chad Fussy $0
3478th Chad Gruenstern Chad Gruenstern 2years $1,023
N/A Chad Miller Chad Miller 3years $0
4428th Chad Mittelstadt Chad Mittelstadt 5years $832
N/A Chad Mohn Chad Mohn 2years $0
N/A Chad Schauffler Chad Schauffler $0
N/A Chad Steele Chad Steele $0
16767th Chad Stevens Chad Stevens 2years $36
7412th Chad Stiles Chad Stiles $556
3493rd Chad Williams Chad Williams 2years $1,021
1591st Chan Bliss Chan Bliss 7years $1,684