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Rank Name Raised
6954th Peter Moulton Peter Moulton 3years $581
6955th Kiko O Kawagoye Kiko O Kawagoye 2years $581
6956th Katharine Huss Lay Katharine Huss Lay 3years $581
6957th Karen Poulos Karen Poulos 2years $581
6958th Colleen Sneddon Colleen Sneddon 5years $581
6959th Teri Vaziri Teri Vaziri $581
6960th Don Gephardt Don Gephardt 3years $581
6961st Mike Sanzio Mike Sanzio 2years $581
6962nd Janet Boyce Janet Boyce 2years $581
6963rd Jayanarayanan Raja Jayanarayanan Raja 2years $581
6964th Stephen Strader Stephen Strader 3years $581
6965th Simon Buckley Simon Buckley 4years $581
6966th Naomi Gelardi Naomi Gelardi $581
6967th Arti Roots Ross Arti Roots Ross $580
6968th Jack Benjamin Jack Benjamin 3years $580
6969th Brigitte Paris Brigitte Paris $580
6970th Patrick Poore Patrick Poore $580
6971st Roux Mohammed Roux Mohammed $580
6972nd Roxane Lee Roxane Lee 2years $580
6973rd Kenny Mullican Kenny Mullican $580