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Rank Name Raised
136th Micheal McIntyre Micheal McIntyre 7years $1,364
137th Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 2years $1,363
138th Kevin Hitzemann Kevin Hitzemann 3years $1,349
139th Kandulapati SRAM Kandulapati SRAM $1,035
139th Mike Doyle Mike Doyle $1,347
140th Sarah Hall Sarah Hall 2years $1,344
141st George Thomas Gagnon George Thomas Gagnon 5years $1,344
142nd John Gomes John Gomes 2years $1,344
143rd Bruce Bertrand Bruce Bertrand 2years $1,342
143rd Robert Wurz Robert Wurz 3years $535
144th Jim Pickell Jim Pickell 5years $1,337
145th RICK WINTERS RICK WINTERS 4years $1,325
146th Dave Rinker Dave Rinker 7years $1,320
147th Caryn Robinson Caryn Robinson $1,319
147th Eungho Lee Eungho Lee $685
148th Erik Roaf Erik Roaf $1,319
148th Meredith Turner Willis Meredith Turner Willis $1,260
149th Helen Romeo Helen Romeo 6years $1,318
150th Randy Houle Randy Houle $1,310
151st Liz Spotswood Liz Spotswood 3years $1,308