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Rank Name Raised
172nd Matt Rassette Matt Rassette $124
172nd Micheal Figgins Micheal Figgins $124
172nd Patricia Wetzel Patricia Wetzel $124
172nd Stan Lore Stan Lore $124
184th NICK Slegr NICK Slegr $122
216th Rita Jester Rita Jester $122
185th Andy Moss Andy Moss $120
185th Donald Kingston Donald Kingston $120
185th Gary Mejia Gary Mejia $120
185th Jes morgan Jes morgan $120
185th John Forde John Forde $120
185th Mai-Linh Tran Mai-Linh Tran $120
185th Michelle Calvo Michelle Calvo $120
192nd Marcus Cloe Marcus Cloe $117
193rd Vicki Robertson Vicki Robertson $115
194th Davian Sanchez Davian Sanchez $113
195th Clinton McCartney Clinton McCartney $111
196th Jon DuPonte Jon DuPonte $111
197th Joseph McCullough Joseph McCullough $109
197th Karthik Kalikiri Karthik Kalikiri $109