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Rank Name Raised
21st Kenny Ellinger Kenny Ellinger $7,356.18
22nd mohamed armeli mohamed armeli $7,276.16
23rd Micheal McIntyre Micheal McIntyre $7,244.67
24th Chad Velta Chad Velta $7,050.80
25th Kathleen Pagan Kathleen Pagan $7,028.99
26th Barbra Vidinich Barbra Vidinich $6,973.69
27th Sylvia Waldsmith Sylvia Waldsmith $6,954.37
28th Jared Abell Jared Abell $6,951.68
29th Arden Virnig Arden Virnig $6,915.26
30th Peter Brasher Peter Brasher $6,856.15
31st Josh Wallace Josh Wallace $6,552.94
32nd Clay Preston Clay Preston $6,474.70
33rd Edward Richards Edward Richards $6,157.47
34th Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein $6,138.03
35th Todd Murphy Todd Murphy $6,073.32
36th Carie Smiley Terrill Carie Smiley Terrill $6,056.63
37th Sumie Abdishi Sumie Abdishi $5,939.84
38th Benjamin Moritz Schaefer Benjamin Moritz Schaefer $5,813.00
N/A Ellison Sarbeng Ellison Sarbeng $0
N/A Jane Doe Jane Doe $0