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Rank Name Raised
N/A Christy Lonn Christy Lonn $0
N/A Cort Thompson Cort Thompson $0
N/A Cory Neville Cory Neville $0
N/A Coy Smith Coy Smith $0
N/A Dan Dederick Dan Dederick $0
N/A Dan Parmelee Dan Parmelee $0
N/A Dan Ristau Dan Ristau $0
N/A Danelle Doernbrack Danelle Doernbrack $0
N/A Daniel Cano Daniel Cano $0
N/A Daniel Gutierrez Daniel Gutierrez $0
N/A Daniel Singh Daniel Singh $0
N/A Dave Shimer Dave Shimer $0
N/A Dave Tibbals Dave Tibbals $0
N/A David Alari David Alari $0
N/A David Cooke David Cooke $0
N/A David Gugel David Gugel $0
N/A David Kujawa David Kujawa $0
N/A DeeDee Gerber DeeDee Gerber $0
N/A Deepa Raj Deepa Raj $0
N/A Derek Allen Derek Allen $0