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Rank Name Raised
600th Susan Sears Susan Sears $35
17th Susie Taylor Susie Taylor $1,520
N/A Tammy Hall Tammy Hall $0
N/A Tammy Kershner Tammy Kershner $0
N/A Terri Nealon Terri Nealon $0
N/A Terrie Rosario Terrie Rosario $0
407th Tina Johnson Tina Johnson $72
N/A Tonia Gallimore Tonia Gallimore $0
N/A Tracy Croscup Picardi Tracy Croscup Picardi $0
N/A Travis Lape Travis Lape $0
N/A Vijay Adoni Vijay Adoni $0
N/A Vikki Weiss Vikki Weiss $0
N/A Wynette Jero Wynette Jero $0
N/A Yuridia Leyva Yuridia Leyva $0
N/A Zach Rieker Zach Rieker $0
199th Charles Too Charles Too $200
26th Ronie Sandoval Ronie Sandoval $1,065
81st Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons $518
N/A Roxana Sanabria Roxana Sanabria $0
686th Sue Hutchison Sue Hutchison $20