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Rank Name Raised
6928th Jeremy Hamm Jeremy Hamm $637
N/A Dave Waldburger Dave Waldburger $0
N/A Brad Hall Brad Hall $0
2813th Douglas Auld Douglas Auld $1,145
N/A Raymon Porchia Raymon Porchia $0
N/A Bob Weiss Bob Weiss $0
19685th Garry Rodriguez Garry Rodriguez $67
556th Christina Condon Christina Condon $2,802
1820th John Zimdars John Zimdars $1,479
1356th Brian  Phelps Brian Phelps $1,751
9033rd Alan Garcia Alan Garcia $537
13074th Bella Delfia Bella Delfia $296
N/A Anthony Valenzisi Anthony Valenzisi $0
5406th Brian Varker Brian Varker $756
N/A Alex Ardila Alex Ardila $0
22956th Sandy Jakubowski Sandy Jakubowski $26
N/A Morgan Golabowski Morgan Golabowski $0
N/A Paul Cunningham Paul Cunningham $0
4261st Andrew Lewis Andrew Lewis $900
11648th Randy Warren Randy Warren $418