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Rank Name Raised
7870th Christian Aguirre Christian Aguirre $500
7870th Dan Ronner-Bland Dan Ronner-Bland 2years $500
7870th Dan Skolnik Dan Skolnik $500
4730th Deb Fortune Deb Fortune 3years $500
7870th Donald Cramer Donald Cramer $500
7870th Eric Prentice Eric Prentice $500
7870th Fred Kluss Fred Kluss 3years $500
7870th Gary Skaggs Gary Skaggs 3years $500
7870th Gilles Cruanes Gilles Cruanes $500
7870th Guillermo Barron Guillermo Barron $500
7870th Jae Hwang Jae Hwang $500
7870th Janice Hinkeldey Janice Hinkeldey 4years $500
7870th Jim Ryan Jim Ryan 3years $500
7870th John Rieff John Rieff $500
7870th Joseph Curran Joseph Curran $500
7870th Joycelyn Hsiung Joycelyn Hsiung $500
7870th Kristen Gohr Kristen Gohr $500
7870th Maria Vazquez Maria Vazquez 2years $500
7870th Mary Bows Mary Bows $500
7870th Matthew Cumbo Matthew Cumbo $500