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Rank Name Raised
40th Connie Fuelling Connie Fuelling $528
41st Patrick J McDonald Patrick J McDonald $527
42nd Cheryl Sazama Cheryl Sazama $523
43rd Amy Lankow Amy Lankow $521
44th Jolie Hoffmann Jolie Hoffmann $520
44th Patricia Carroll Patricia Carroll $520
44th Susie Taylor Susie Taylor $520
47th Laura Borchert Laura Borchert $517
48th Nathan Foose Nathan Foose $515
49th Brittany Sigler Brittany Sigler $510
50th Scott Regan Scott Regan $510
51st Than Scott Than Scott $506
52nd Nicole Murray Nicole Murray $504
53rd Bob Norrie Bob Norrie $500
53rd Bret Lansdell Bret Lansdell $500
53rd Emily Lane Emily Lane $500
53rd Justin Jones Justin Jones $500
53rd Kristy Richards Kristy Richards $500
53rd Roger Hagerty Roger Hagerty $500
53rd Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein $500