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Rank Name Raised
926th Trent Howerton Trent Howerton $72
948th James Card James Card $72
949th John Wilson John Wilson $72
950th Aimee Quimby Aimee Quimby $72
951st Dena Crisp Dena Crisp $71
951st Jodie Griffin Woosley Forbes Jodie Griffin Woosley Forbes $71
951st Marcia Hardy Marcia Hardy $71
951st Nancy Fish Nancy Fish $71
951st Rudy Finn Rudy Finn $71
956th Eric Walcher Eric Walcher $71
956th Jed Sorensen Jed Sorensen $71
958th Leonel Villarreal Leonel Villarreal $71
959th Al Claiborne Al Claiborne $70
959th Alexis Wenski Roberts Alexis Wenski Roberts $70
959th Alison Gould Alison Gould $70
959th Amol Naik Amol Naik $70
959th Andrea Maiorano Andrea Maiorano $70
959th Bill Keller Bill Keller $70
959th Bob Grueneberg Bob Grueneberg $70
959th Celso Cipolla Celso Cipolla $70