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Rank Name Raised
267th Mark Gonsalves Mark Gonsalves 2years $988
268th Ryan Mitchell Ryan Mitchell $983
269th Len Sadowski Len Sadowski 4years $983
270th Nancy Calabria Nancy Calabria 5years $965
271st Mark Bilfield Mark Bilfield 3years $963
272nd Austin Jennings Austin Jennings 2years $958
273rd Michael Byl Michael Byl 4years $957
274th Jeff Forehand Jeff Forehand 2years $956
274th Raymond Martin Raymond Martin 2years $55
275th William Gaudette William Gaudette $954
276th Sheila Amaral Sheila Amaral 4years $953
277th Steven Zyduck Steven Zyduck 3years $948
278th David Bogardus David Bogardus $948
279th Raudel Garza Raudel Garza 2years $948
280th Jim Heimos Jim Heimos $945
281st Andy Smith Andy Smith 2years $942
282nd John Powers John Powers 4years $940
283rd Jerry Burgess Jerry Burgess 2years $936
284th Knut Finnevolden Knut Finnevolden $935
285th David Berdanier David Berdanier $934