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Rank Name Raised
299th Mark Vallely Mark Vallely 2years $3,972
300th Jim Cunningham Jim Cunningham 2years $3,970
301st Jesse Lake Jesse Lake $3,957
302nd Stefani Corsi-Travali Stefani Corsi-Travali $3,955
303rd John Eystad John Eystad 6years $3,953
304th Gordon Blakey Gordon Blakey 4years $3,952
305th Jolie Hoffmann Jolie Hoffmann 4years $3,949
306th Laura Gagne Laura Gagne 3years $3,927
307th Cheryl Voutour Cheryl Voutour 5years $3,925
308th Michael Craffey Michael Craffey $3,924
309th Gulnar Haji Gulnar Haji $3,909
310th Clay Smalley Clay Smalley 2years $3,897
311th Doug Fah Doug Fah 5years $3,897
312th Bruce Bertrand Bruce Bertrand 2years $3,886
313th Gene Kassmeyer Gene Kassmeyer $3,870
314th Alice Salvi Alice Salvi $3,870
315th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 4years $3,864
355th Matthew Stewart Matthew Stewart $3,861
316th Jay Tepper Jay Tepper 4years $3,852