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Rank Name Raised
282nd Tony Lawhead Tony Lawhead 2years $3,633
283rd Amy Lankow Amy Lankow 4years $3,633
284th Rolando Ray Rolando Ray 3years $3,633
285th Pi Ware Pi Ware $3,623
286th Steph Massoud Steph Massoud 2years $3,619
287th John MacDonald John MacDonald 2years $3,616
288th Lisa Yarmis Lisa Yarmis 2years $3,616
289th Shawn Kelley Shawn Kelley 3years $3,609
290th Thomas Hernandez Thomas Hernandez 6years $3,606
291st Jill Baker Jill Baker 3years $3,575
292nd Mark Vallely Mark Vallely 2years $3,563
293rd Tony Gianni Tony Gianni 7years $3,559
294th Jennifer Graziano Sanders Jennifer Graziano Sanders 3years $3,555
295th Barret Kaltz Barret Kaltz 6years $3,540
296th Nancy Walton Nancy Walton 5years $3,539
297th Ross Wunderlich Ross Wunderlich $3,533
298th Venkata Ganti Venkata Ganti $3,523
299th Joan O'Donnell Joan O'Donnell 5years $3,519
299th Tony Zucarelli Tony Zucarelli $220
300th Paul Ronson Paul Ronson 2years $3,517