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Rank Name Raised
18772nd Todd Mullen Todd Mullen $5
N/A Michael Childs Michael Childs 3years $0
247th John Eystad John Eystad 6years $3,953
8996th Nice Samret Nice Samret $432
6139th Vicki Taylor Vicki Taylor $603
6956th Kim Michael-Lee Kim Michael-Lee 2years $549
2993rd Julie McSweeney Julie McSweeney 2years $1,039
286th Engling Yeo Engling Yeo 2years $3,739
13466th George Floyd George Floyd $124
909th Sara Brown Sara Brown 3years $2,276
14923rd Rafael Arias Rafael Arias $72
8864th Dave Ringle Dave Ringle 3years $442
1170th Mick Lambert Mick Lambert $1,893
5734th J.T. Martin J.T. Martin 3years $634
N/A Niceph Klosterman Niceph Klosterman 2years $0
N/A Brandon McNamara Brandon McNamara $0
3215th Pawel Bronakowski Pawel Bronakowski 2years $1,004
6513th Rob Winchester Rob Winchester 3years $575
6146th Vincent Artale Jr Vincent Artale Jr $602
4274th Kevin Fraser Kevin Fraser 2years $795